The bridesmaid role doesn’t belong to our tradition. It has grown in popularity thanks to the American comedies, where we often see bridesmaids wearing wonderful dresses. In our tradition we can find the two witnesses, who stand next to the bride and the groom, and the pageboy, who holds the wedding rings during the ceremony.

How do you recognize a bridesmaid? Usually from her dress, which is almost important as the bridal dress (and also a source of anxiety!). Bridesmaids usually wear colorful dresses (no white, no black and no red) with frilly flowers. A bridesmaid usually takes her task seriously, because she is a bride’s friend and they trust each other.

Usually bridesmaids are in the number of three.


What bridesmaids should do?

Bridesmaids are an integral part of any wedding. Listening to the bride, making her laugh, and offering emotional and logistical support are part of their duties. Bridesmaids should assure the bride that she has someone with whom she can share her thoughts.

They should plan the bridal shower and bachelorette party.

On the wedding day they should help the bride dress and deal with her hair and jewelry, help to carry the bride’s wedding gown train whenever necessary, and participate in all wedding activities.

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