The right pair of shoes can make the difference. Just ask Cinderella, who fulfilled her dreams of love thanks to her glass slippers!

Today we are going to give you  some advice on the perfect bridal shoes (obviously, putting the glass aside!).

Have you already chosen your wedding dress? And what about the wedding location? Are you sure that everything is ready for the fateful “yes”?

You should choose your shoes at least four months before your wedding, just in case you would have to modify your dress.

If you want to be perfect, from head to toe, it’s time for you to start taking some notes.


1.     Are you thinking about organizing your wedding party in an Italian garden? Or on the seaside? In both cases you should wear flat shoes. We know that high-heeled shoes make your shape beautiful, but your heel will constantly sink into the ground.

2.     Go with something that harmonizes with your personality, otherwise you’ll feel uneasy. Choose a pair of shoes not too much different from those ones that you’d wear for an elegant evening, and you won’t have anything to worry about.

3.     You should try the shoes wearing your wedding dress, because they are an essential accessory of your bridal look. Dress and shoes must be of the same color and style. If you wear white shoes, be careful that it is the same white of the wedding dress.

4.     Wear your shoes before the D-day. In this way you will avoid having swollen feet during the wedding day.

5.     If something went wrong, having another pair of shoes with you on the wedding day, would help you. And, if you felt like dancing all night long, you would have something comfortable to wear.

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