In a wedding reception there is an element that can never be missed: the bridal bouquet. As you will see reading this article, this item is not just a common bunch of flowers because, for ages, it has been desired and feared by all the women. Some women don’t want it and others are not able to do without it.

According to tradition, the bride would throw her bouquet at random, usually with her back turned, to avoid any further injustice and to let Lady Luck choose the next bride. Otherwise, she can give it to a special person as a present.

But, if you’re superstitious, pay attention to the way you keep it. In fact, the bridal bouquet has to change hands three times or it will lose its magic power.

Why are we talking about luck? Because people believe that if you catch the bouquet (lucky or doomed that you are), you will be next in line to get married or, at least, the next one who will receive a marriage proposal.

Looking back at history, tossing of the bouquet meant the beginning of a new life together, as husband and wife. Although, these days it is an essential accessory of the wedding dress, in the past  the future husband used to give it to his fiancé as a special gift.

This tradition may be older than you expect and it may be Arab. In fact, before celebrating a wedding, Arabs used to prettify their brides with white orange flowers, in hopes of children, prosperity and happiness.

We hope you won’t need any help in the future! In the meantime keep on training your arms and throw your bouquet backwards! Believe it or not, Lady Luck will choose for you!


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