In the mountains it is too cold, at the seaside too hot, in the city there is too much confusion. This is a good starting point to choose your wedding location. During the spring and the summer seasons Tuscany is the best place to celebrate your wedding. Just like in a picture, you’ll be surrounded by green hills, vineyards, yellow-gold wheat fields and cool streams.


In this bucolic scenery there are a lot of farmhouses, villas and old castles where you’ll be involved in a romantic atmosphere.

Thanks to Tuscany enchanting views, your wedding day will be unforgettable, a unique experience which involves all the senses. Just close your eyes and try to imagine your en plein air reception: butterflies fluttering about flowered gardens, the birdsong, the sunflowers scent, and the colorful sunset followed by the starry sky.


Your guests won’t miss even the smallest details, especially those concerning the menu, the location and the bride’s dress, which usually are their trend topics. If you’d like to learn all tricks for a perfect wedding party, go on reading our guide. We know that you are experienced readers, but we hope to manage to get a smile out of you.

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