Today we’ll make a list that includes 11 things you should avoid doing if you aspire to be a perfect guest.

Let’s start:


1.     Don’t get dressed in white. Keep a low profile. Just for one day, you are not the protagonist.

2.     Don’t get dressed either in black or red.

3.     Don’t bring your gift on the wedding day. You should avoid bringing your gift on the wedding day, especially when an on-line wedding list is available.

4.     Avoid self-made gifts: we are sure you’re creative, but you should choose your gift from the wedding list.

5.     Don’t complain: or, at least, don’t do it in public. If something hasn’t been as you expected, make your negative comments when you are back home. It’s a matter of style.

6.     Don’t change seats on the table.

7.     Don’t be late. Only the bride can be late, especially if she is the character of an American comedy, or if she wants the groom to have a heart attack! And, don’t go away before the wedding cake.

8.     Don’t answer the invitation too late. Even if you are the groom/bride’s best friend you should call him/her to confirm your participation.

9.     Don’t bring your children, unless it is specified in the invitation.

10.  Don’t get drunk.

11.  Make moderate jokes: it is not a carnival.

And now, dear guest, make your congratulations to the newlyweds, make them feel special and enjoy the party! And, in case you get bored, we hope there will be the open bar (but please pay attention to the tenth point of our list… Don’t get drunk!)

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